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Polished Concrete Kansas City

Polished Concrete Kansas City
Polished concrete has become an extremely popular flooring option in Kansas City for many reasons. Most buildings already have concrete slab floors so it's simply a matter of removing the current floor covering then polishing the concrete below. Polished concrete saves the expense, time and labor of installing a new floor covering like carpet, tile, linoleum or marble. The results are spectacular with a glossy and natural look emerging from the old dull gray surface.

Polished Concrete Floor
The benefits of polished concrete are numerous:
Polished concrete floors are extremely durable and can last up to ten years or longer before needing to be refinished. And of course it's very difficult to damage the concrete itself. It's one of the toughest materials ever used.
• Polished concrete floors are low maintenance and only require an occasional warm soapy water mopping.
• The durability and low maintenance of polished concrete floors lowers the overall lifetime cost to well below that of other floor coverings like tile, carpet or VCT (vinyl composite tile).
• Polished concrete is environmentally friendly. You can think of it as "recycling your concrete floor." You're not adding any new material, just removing a thin layer of the slab.
• Polished concrete is attractive. The process of polishing exposes a natural stone look that fits into any decor; modern, traditional, industrial, etc. Many people will never guess that it's concrete and not a "natural" stone slab.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of polished concrete for your Kansas City business or industrial property, contact us today.

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Polished Concrete can be used almost anywhere, for example:
Warehouses, Restaurants, Manufacturing Facilities, Automotive Shops, Showroom Floors and Garages.

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