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Institutional Concrete Floor Repair

Institutional Concrete Floor Repair

If your concrete slab floor has settled and needs to be leveled and stabilized we can repair the slab with polyjacking.

Polyjacking levels and stabilizes settling concrete floors.Polyjacking is a permanent solution for settling concrete floors. A two-part poly foam is injected beneath the settled concrete slab, As the foam expands it not only fills all voids but it consolidates and increases the density of the surrounding soil. The slab is accurately lifted back into a stable and level position. Polyjacking removes tripping hazards and the liability associated with them in a public or semi-public facility. It also provides a substantial moisture barrier and can prevent future erosion and settling issues.

Concrete polishing and sealing is a cost effective method to finish floors that receive a lot of traffic. Polishing and sealing a concrete floor strengthens the surface of the concrete and reduces the maintenance cost when compared to other floor coverings. Polished concrete floors are also beautiful with a glossy natural stone finish that has a high light reflectivity that helps brighten any room.

Our complete institutional concrete floor repair services are perfect for: medical buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, healthcare provider locations, schools, cafeterias, libraries, and college and university buildings. Downtime is kept to a minimum with polyjacking. The foam cures in 30 minutes so surface is ready for immediate use.

Polyjacking Benefits
• Accurately lifts and stabilizes sunken concrete slabs
• Minimal downtime - poly foam cures in 30 minutes and the surface is ready for immediate use
• Poly foam will not retain moisture and acts as a moisture barrier
• Poly foam is lightweight so it won't cause future settling
• Very high lifting capabilities. Poly foam can lift floors with heavy machinery or warehouse inventory in place.

Concrete Polishing/Sealing Benefits
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Reduces dust, improves indoor air quality
• Resists fork truck tire marks and stains
• Resistant to moisture and heavy traffic
• Increased light reflectivity so your facility is brighter
• Environmentally friendly
• Strengthens concrete floor surface

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