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Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete Slab Repair
You don't necessarily have to repour a damaged concrete slab. There are less expensive concrete slab repair methods including crack repair, polyjacking, concrete polishing and concrete staining.

With Concrete polishing, the top few millimeters are ground and polished leaving a high gloss finish that's virtually maintenance-free. It's economical and highly durable while bringing out the aesthetic beauty in the concrete.

A relatively new and increasingly popular method for sunken concrete slab repair is polyjacking. High-density polyurethane is injected into voids beneath a settled or sunken slab and as it expands it raises the slab to it's original level position. Polyjacking is faster than mudjacking since the curing time is measured in minutes not days. The poly material is environmentally safe and has the added advantage of undersealing the slab so future erosion is prevented.

Concrete staining is a process where a color stain is applied and absorbed deeply into the concrete. It's not just a coating or superficial application so it won't fade or peel and can cover ugly stains and previous repairs. The result is beautiful and long lasting color that mimics natural stone or marble.

Don't spend another day worrying about someone tripping over an uneven slab or looking at your old damaged concrete. Call Pro Concrete Design and get the perfect concrete slab repair solution to your specific problem.

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