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Concrete Engraving

Concrete Engraving
The Pro Concrete Design concrete engraving and staining process is actually "IN" the concrete not just "ON" it. Through etching or engraving, the design is sculpted into the concrete so it will last as long as the concrete itself. Coloring is achieved, not by painting or coating the surface, but by deeply staining the concrete so the color won't fade, peel or flake.

The process is clean, simple and safe. First it changes the color of your concrete, then the pattern is actually engraved (scored, cut, sawed) into the hard concrete with our specially designed patented machine.

Advantages of Concrete Engraving
Beautifies while hiding discolored, stained concrete and cracks or repairs.
Resists surface scratches, chipping, tire marks, shoe marks etc.
Oil drippings and other stains are easily wiped off.
Weeds cannot grow between these patterns and designs.
Bricks, tile patterns, or other designs can never come loose.
The engraving process is fast, clean, safe, and leaves the surroundings undisturbed.
The process adds no additional thickness to the concrete so it won't alter water drainage or cause doors not to close completely.
Concrete engraving is a very low maintenance home improvement.

Check out our Projects Portfolio for some examples of what is possible with concrete engraving and staining.

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